Here’s some stuff we make.




We offer a highly dedicated, creative storytelling approach to each and every project, regardless of what your brand is and what you’re trying to communicate. “Viral” is an overused buzzword but essentially it means that if we can get you thousands of social media views with a high percentage of organic engagement, by virtue of a strong message and a creative, eye-catching video, we feel we’ve done our job well.


studio testimonials

We have the latest and greatest when it comes to cameras, lighting and audio, and our years of experience with client testimonials, interviews and video explainers make us confident that we can exceed expectations when it comes to delivering a professional studio product. Our post-production facilities also ensure fast turn-around and uncompromising colour and audio processing.



Narrative Filmmaking

This is where the proverbial beating heart lies, and there’s simply nothing quite as rewarding as working with scripts, actors, special effects and unleashed creativity in order to fully realize a cinematic experience. At Lampblack Studios, we’ve been grateful for the number of opportunities we’ve had to work with organizations, directors and production companies to create short films, music videos, episodic shows and even a few features.



Creative Documentary

Our penchant for capturing real-life stories through a creative lens has earned us opportunities to travel across Canada and around the world armed with cameras and quick, on-the-spot storytelling intuition. We’re especially grateful for the long relationship we’ve had with the producers at CBC Arts, who have been strong advocates and promoters of our work in giving Canadian artists a spotlight.